Aluminum Cutting Machine

Aluminum Cutting Machine

Aluminum profile cutting machine, Aluminum door & window cutting machine, Aluminum extrusion cutting machine,

Simple structure, pneumatic clamp, easy maintenance, easy operation, high accuracy, high efficiency, cutting 90 degree or 45 degree. Saw blade moving horizontally and controlled by foot valve. With coolant system for nice cutting surface and protect saw blade.

Basic machine parameter:
Saw blade travel: 200mm or 300mm
Maximum cutting: height 95 -100mm
Motor: single phase 220v
Motor power: 1.5 or 2.2 kw
Spindle rotation: 4000rpm or 5000 rpm
Saw blade: 12" diameter, 120 teeth, 3.6mm thickness, central holes: 25.4mm diameter.
Total weight : about 160kg

Feed no power roller conveyor and measurement set roller conveyor with fixing position plate is available per your request.

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